There are a few more important requirements to obtain a loan. You or any of your co-owners with more than a 20% interest in your company must provide a personal guarantee. The loan must be adequately collateralized with available assets. You must also demonstrate that you can repay the loan with existing or projected cash flow.

You’ll need to provide the following information as part of the application process:

  • SBA Loan Application
  • A brief description of the project, including with funding sources and uses
  • A history and description of your company, which may be a business plan or summary
  • Corporate Tax Returns for the previous 3 years
  • Current Financial Statement, which may be an in-house statement, and current aging reports
  • Personal Tax Returns for the previous 3 years and Personal Financial Statement for all principles who own more than 20% of company stock
  • A Credit Release authorizing GAF to obtain personal and corporate credit reports


If you are interested in learning more or for an application package, please contact:

Diana Sasser

Grow America Fund